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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 7, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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lie about the mitt romney time in that company, in other words, he had already left bain by the time they made at this time decision to close the plant-- we have to run. >> that's not befitting of the office and it reflects a campaign and a super pac agenda not befitting the country. >> sean: thanks. greta's next. >> greta: tonight... >> absolute blooming idiots! they are applauding their own demise. >> greta: who is rush limbaugh calling blooming idiots? he's in rare form. but right now, donald trump. he wants to know if president obama's hiding something. what is it this tiime d d nald trurump ilalain to do somethingngnge, v vy jort thee r rublicann natatnana nvention. hehe is donald trump. >> hi, greta. >> greta: so, donald, the republican convention's coming up. are you going? that's the first question. secondly, if you are, do you spend to be speaking to the audience.
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>> well, they want me to go. i will be in sarso the at night before, where i am being honored by the republican party in florida as the statesman of the year. that will be very interesting. i look forward to that. i probably will be going. >> greta: have you been asked to speak? >> i would rather not say that, but they wantny do something very major at the convention. >> greta: something very major. now you have certainly teased -- what's the very major? can you give us a hint? >>? >> i am not allowed to say, but it's very, very major. >> greta: the nominee of the republican party, mitt romney, has not name aid vice-president. we are getting down to the wire. im curious whether or not you think -- not who would you like to see, so much, but what would be the politically most shrewd choice, if he wants to get elected in november? >> well, i do think he should get somebody who will help him get one of the swing states. so if you look at the different people, you know, you have florida, rubio -- excellent.
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have you chris christie, excellent, excellent guy and a friend of mine and an excellent guy, done a great job as governor of new jersey. portman -- you know, we need to get ohio, we need to get other states. so i do think -- by the way, bob mcdonald in virginia is fantastic, doing an amazing job. i have a lot of property in virginia. he has done an amazing job. those are great names and those names with help swing a certain state. all of those states are very important. >> greta: i have been looking at the numbers of the states you have identified. but a recent number has caught my attention. that's the women vote. something has happened in the month that's quite extraordinary n. july, the beginning of july, president obamma was up with the women vote by 8 points over governor romney. now, one month later, president obama has widened that margin and he is up 19 points with the women over governor romney. governor romney has lost eye lot of ground. i am curious, should the
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governor be looking very strongly at choosing a woman? >> i am surprised to hear those numbers. i think he has been an amazing campaigner. i think he has done really well. his real campaign hasn't come out. i think that will is that right happen after the convention. but i am very surprised to see those numbers, actually shocked. i don't know if those numbers are real. i don't think they are meaningful. i would be very, very surprised if those numbers were real. >> they are fluid. that's one month. i know, things do change. i thought it was extraordinary. controversy with senator harry reid and the tax return. should governor romney -- tell me your view on it, first. >> i think it's a very strong statement that harry made. i know harry and i like harry. i think he probably wished he didn't make it. i don't think there was a source. a lot of people don't think there was a source. if there is a source, it's probably want aloud or legal.
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who would be allowed to do that? i don't think there is a source. so he made a statement, it was a very strong statement. i think that frankly, i will continue to say it -- what governor romney should day, he has a different attitude and i understand that, say, i will get my tax returns, if you open up your records because as you know, president obama spent over $4 million, trying to hide so many different things from his past, whether it's college record, passport records. you know, nobody bring this is up. nobody says, open up your passport recordses, your college applications, open up your college records. let's see your life. nobody bring this is up. most presidents have given their college records. all presidents have given -- to the best of my knowledge -- their passport records. why is he spending $4 mill
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dwronnion, trying to keep them secret? i will hope up his tax returns and they are perfect. i want to see your records. i think they should place the shoe on the other foot. i would think hayou the not hear any more talk, frankly about the tax returns, which are 1land%, according to -- [inaudible] >> greta: i thought the birth issue had been put to rest with you with your satisfaction. most americans it is i. i don't think people are satisfied at all. it doesn't matter. that's not my big issue. my big issue is jobs and the fact we have 8.3 unemployment, it just went up last month. 8.3% unemployment and that's terrible. but the real number is 16% because so many people are not included. and the real, real number's probably 21% unemployment. when you look at the kind of jobs that we are doing, that's my issue. but, no, have i been satisfied?
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no. >> greta: what would you expect to find on the college records? i am curious what you are looking for there. >> i don't want to get into it. i want to get into the fact that jobs, you asked me a question and i responded. that's what i would say. when he wants tax returns, we want to see, why are you spenning $4 million on keeping things in hiding? so i would say, that would be my response. i think it's a very good response. by the way, if you did that and did that strongly, people would stop asking for tax returns. the problem with him giving the tax returns is that he has had a very sig cants success. he is a very significantly successful person. the tax returns are comp kateed, done by big firm, highly respected firms and lawyer who is sign off. you can gabbing one of hundreds and hundreds and thousands of lines and find one little thing and try and make a big deal out of it. and that's very, very unfair. so i understand exactly what
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mitt is doing. he thinks it's undespair i know -- unfair and i know it's unfair. obama has made nothing and so it's easy for him to give his tax returns. but it's not easy for mitt romney to todathat. but it's a great trade. >> greta: in order for that to be a good trade -- tax returns for college records, there has to be some use of the college records. i am baffled what you would expect to see? what do you want, his grades? >> no, no. i would love to see his college records and lots of other things. i would like to see his passport records. by the way, i hope they are wob wob -- are 100% okay, as a goods american who love this is country. but why spend $4 million to try to keep the records silenced? >> greta: where did you get the $4 million number? >> that was reported.
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>> greta: all right. i have to tell you that i am somewhat perplexed. people report all sorts of things. senator harry reid claiming things with unnamed sources and $4 million. we really, we have a hard time nailing down, you know, the facts and the sources? >> well, that was a rapid number. i think it's pretty well documented that he spent a fortune on lawyers to try to keep things secret. so i don't know how he keeps things secret. but governor romney is not supposed to keep things secret. i think it's very unfair and a bad double standard. >> greta: suppose president obama got a "c" in history in college, does that make any dprchs at all? i understand the tax returns are recent. but the president -- he's a 1-year-old man. his college records, i am perplexed on that one? >> no, i don't think it would. i am not necessarily looking at the marks. i am looking at other things. what would be what i would like to see. the romney groupville to make
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that determination. i think it's been a very dirty campaign. it was a very dirty campaign waged against hillary by obama. if you look at obama's campaigning, it is extremely dirty against everybody that has ever run against him. i think the republicans have better be careful because what is happening to them is the same thing that's happening to other candidates that ran against it's a very dirty campaign and hillary clinton. i have read where they consider hillary to be one -- one of the meanest campaigns ever against her. well, so far, i think this one is even meaner. so we will see what happens. but sometimes the expression is, you have to fight fire with fire. and if he doesn't fight fire with fire tthereby not so easy. >> greta: what -- how -- what's the fire back -- president obama on this. e >> in i think you have to be extremely aggressive. i think they will be. but theyville a convention and the convention -- i building is going to be very, very
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successful. there is a love spirit from mitt romney. i think he is going to be really a good candidate and really a really good president. i have to say this, if you remember back, the biggest problem he had was going into florida. i always talk about because i'm a big sports person. i talk about the people react under pressure. some people react well under pressure and some can't. mitt romney went to florida under great pressure, unbelievable pressure. he had to win florida and it wasn't looking good. he had two debates. he won both debates. he did brilliantly and he won the state of florida in a very, very large number. i think it's going to be very interesting. bibelieve that mitt romney reaks very well under pressure. there are not too many of these people around. >> greta: we only have a minute left. it is reported that we have as many as 14,000 government buildings that are empty in this country, costing us a fortune,
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sitting there. i know that you recently worked out some deal with the old post office in d.c., 14,000 buildings. do you have advice for the federal government, business advice what do do? >> real estate is my primary thing in life. i would say century, they could be auctioned off if they are good f. they are not good, perhaps you can't auction them off. this is a time when buying real estate is a good thing. you can buy real estate. people would like to buy real estate and hiring good brokers to sell them would not be a bad idea. also tcould be that the government needs the buildings. if they need them, you can't do that. but if they are empty and unnecessary, probably the auction process would not be a bad one. >> greta: i am curious whether regulations or impediments, that would seem like the smartest thing to do. let's unload them quickly and even if we have to take 70 cents on the dollar, it would make sense, rather than have the
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14,000 buildings sit there. >> it is possible there are regulations. there are regulations for everything in this country. that's part of the problem with the country. but certainly, if they are empty and doing nothing, i would say auctioning them off and i would be at the auction. >> greta: donald. thank you. if you are at the convention, will you join us "on the record"? >> i certainly will. >> greta: thank you. during our interview, donald trump said president obama spent $4 million to keep his record secret. we did try to confirm his claim. but we were unable to. it was congress's number-1 priority -- vacation. last week, they said they were putting their august vacation on hold. but seriously, did you think the house and senate would give up their august vacation and stay in washington to take care of unfiduciaried business? if you did, congress fooled you. days after the house voted against adjournment, they changed their mines. that's right. today, the house approved a new resolution this, one reversing
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last week's resolution and instead, calling for their adjournment until early september. does that tell that you last week's vote was nothing more than a stunt? or is there an innocent explanation? do you have any thoughts on this change of heart? >> reporter: well, are you surprised? of course, they were going to take their summer vacation. right. there is no question in my mind. as a business reporter, what i do, i look at congress and i see we are paying $2 million a year to keep the lights on, pay the salaries. what is the return on the investment? we don't have tax policies, we don't get budgets, nothing gets done. i have to tell you, they're a big, fat disappointment. >> greta: the tax policy thing is extraordinarily important. i realize that they have to campaign and i am all for them campaigning if they have done their work. but what is so painful to the american people, to those who
10:14 pm
don't have jobs or want to create jobs, many people are on the sideloans, waiting to see if their taxes stay the same or go up. i do believe whatever ha people live with it. it is the uncertainty and the business people won't get an answer until after the election, during the lame-duck session. in the meantime, the american people are just sitting there, unable to get jobs because there is no business expansion, nobody does anything for four, five months. that's what is so horrible, i think, about not deciding now, instead, going home. >> there are 1 million small business operator who is file their business receipts on their personal income tax. so if tax megedon happens and the bush tax cuts expire and the taxes go up, they will be play paying more -- a whole lot more. if you are operating -- >> greta: but that's a different issue. that's a different issue. i am talking about the question of certainty. fish or cut bait.
10:15 pm
you got sent to wash ash to make a decision, whether the people agree or not. instead, they have all gone home and everybody's siting there, people are not investing, people are doing nothing, waiting to see what happens. >> reporter: we have interesting data from the bureau of labor that said that since the recession has ended, we have had 57% increase in job openings, but only 19% of those jobs have been filled. that tells the story right there. they have the need out there, they want to expand payrolls but they are not doing it because they don't know what to expect. tax are part of the fixed costs. you need to know how much have you to pay to turn the lights on, how much you have to pay your people, what your taxes are going to be. people can't answer those questions with any certainty at all. >> greta: it's amazing, though. i saw the notes from the things listed of unfinished business -- tax cuts, sequestration, the continuing resolution to fund the goverent, five-year farm
10:16 pm
bill, it is disaster assistance to help the people in the drought-stricken areas, the farmers. i mean-- the postal service. it is unbelievable, i saw the list. it's extraordinary. >> reporter: right before congress left, they renamed post offices but did nothing to guarantee the service. making tiny decisions that don't matter and ignoring the big picture. noose wawe have seen. don't forget obamacare. one of the big decisions is that 50-person employee limit. over that, have you to pay more. you have to have a plan in place, lots of people making decisions on their head could you want on the basis of that. that comes into effect in the beginning of the year. there are so many moving parts at this point, if you have a small business, it is really difficult to figure out what your costs are going to be, come next year. >> greta: i hold them both accountable. i go through the list, sometimes it's the rsometimes the
10:17 pm
democrats, sometimes the house, sometimes the senate. they did say they could do the job and stay and do it. >> reporter: they are not. are you surprised? you said it at the top of the segment, who is surprised? i am not surprised. they can't seem to come to agreement on anything. the whole idea of being in an impasse, they rely on that. if they wanted to get things done, they could. >> greta: indeed. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> straight ahead, before you pick up the phone to order a pizza, you will want to hear this. the ceo of a pizza chain says the price is going up and pointses to president obama. news about the republican national convention, a big name added to a high-profile spot. the new developments, only right here. and rush limbaugh is calling some very famous people blooming idiots ch. celebrities is he slamming
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>> greta: a secret, surprise impact of obamacare, perhaps, higher pizza prices. the ceo of papa john's says the added cost of obamacare will lead to 15 or 20 cents more a
10:22 pm
pie. tell me, who is this ceo? and was he trying to scare people? or is this a genuine issue that will impact business? >> he was talking to the shareholders and trying to give them a preview of what is happening to the company and he says, once the law is in place with the employer mandate, the cost of pizza will go up because he has to pass the cost on to the consumers. we the people who buy our pizzas. it is not necessarily a scare tactic. he really is concerned. we have heard that from a lot of food companies. >> greta: this rule about henthealth care or insurance provides to i certain level of employees. >> 50 full-time employees or more. there's where a lot of companies shake out. about 50 people, maybe 45, maybe 60. but they are right on that edge of 50 is when the requirement
10:23 pm
kicks in. >> greta: has he saiding about about whether he will stop giving health care and pay the penalty? i imagine it's more expense testify pay the insurance than the penalty? >> it dpens on the coverage you are providing. oftentimes, on how many employees have you and how many decide to buy the coverage. but what we are hearing from restaurants and other companies, if they are just over the 50% -- 50-person cut, maybe they fire people or if they leave, they don't replace them, to keep it under 50. >> greta: do you the shareholders or the ceo believe that people will stop buying pizzas, that the demand will go down with a 50 or 20 cents, whatever it was? >> i don't think he does. you know. everyone will be in the same boat. even if his prices have to go up, i am sure domino's and pizza hut and all of those places will have their prices increase because they will all be hit
10:24 pm
with the requirement, is his happening. it will be passed along to the consumer tirks won't cost papa john's a dime. and it won't affect the shareholders. the people who are paying for this are the consumer. >> he said in the shareholder call, it was reported that we are going on try to shallow out e effect to the shareholder by passing this to the consumer, so there is no way around it. we will have to make our product more expensive to buy. >> greta: it is interesting that if it were only a piz ai imagine that it would not be difficult for the american people. but i imagine that the papa john's ceo is not unlike other ceo's who will try to pass the cost on to the consumer because they want to maximize their profit as well as the shareholder. >> businesses have been upset about this manned fet for a long time, since the law was debated. the national restaurant association says they would like to see this repealed.
10:25 pm
we had some corporate executives from subway, burger king and dunkin donuts on capitol hitt hill a couple of weeks ago before the lawmakers left for their vacation -- >> greta: we have had that discussion. >> saying they need more flexibility on this. they can't bear the cost without making their products more expensive. >> greta: i imagine, it is not just the fast food, but it will be in the grocery shelf f. costs are passed on by the ceo of papa john's. i imagine the same principle will apply to the people on kraft or whoever puts thing on the grocery shelf. >> a lot of very big companies offer insurance to employee, so the big companies won't be hit by this because they already do -- >> greta: except it will be cheaper to go to the penalty, it will be cheaper that way, right? >> right n. some cases, the penalty is $2,000 per employee, the first 30 employees don't count. so it depends how many you have
10:26 pm
and what kind of insurance you are offering. the law says you must offer affordable health care and doesn't dictate what that is. and businesses are saying, what are you making us do here? we are confused. >> greta: and everybody's going home. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: president obama's critics are calling it the president's biggest gaffe of the campaign and governor romney is going on the attack? that's next. and a fiscal cliff or an obama cliff? which has the american businesses more scared and what is the obama cliff? you will find out directly from the business writer who coined the phrase. plus >> these people are idiots! they are abject idiots! >> greta: who is rush limbaugh blasting? hear much more from rush. hear much more from rush. you don't want to miss it.
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>> greta: right now, a campaign clash, a national uproar, flairing up again. it started when president obama made this comment -- >> if you have a businesses... that -- you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> greta: and today, governor mitt romney taking a new swing at the president over that controversial comment. >> it's just like a kid in school who decides, you know, i am going to work and see if i can make the honor roll f. that kid makes the honor roll, i realize that he got to school on a bus and the bus driver got him
10:31 pm
there but i don't give the bus driver credit for the honor roll, i give the kid the credit for the honor roll. >> greta: governor romney was campaigning in president obama's home state of illinois. and here's the warnings about the fiscal cliff, the dangerous combination of spending cuts and tax hikes looming at the end of the year. but now, a new warning that american businesses may face an even bigger danger. it's what one writer calls the obama cliff. what is that? we have a senior writer fur investor's business daily. >> thank you for having me. >> greta: what is the obama cliff? and how do you distinguish it from the fiscal cliff. >> the fiscal cliff, if they don't do anything, taxes will go up and spending will be cut and businesses are hunkering down. but we looked at it and we said, is that their main concern?
10:32 pm
or are they more concerned about the prospect of a second ork bottomma term? if you look at what he has promised to do in the second term, there is good reason for businesses to worry. for example, he said, i am going to raise taxes. he says, it's only on the rich. but he's admitted that he is going to raise taxes on small businesses. he says it will impact 2% of small businesses. that sounds like not very many. but when you figure that's 900,000 small businesses to see a tax increase. he also wants to raise capital gains taxes and dividend tax significantly. this will affect investments. so businesses are looking at that. they are thinking, this is not going to be good for us. he has also promised to continue to advance the regulatory machinery that has been turbocharged under his administration. and the first three years, he has put in place, regulations that -- that have imposed $46 billion in costs on businesses. believe it or not, there are
10:33 pm
4,000 rules in the wings, waiting to be put on the books. >> greta: i suppose that none of this would be particularly alarming in terms what have you say, to you, as the obama cliff, if the stimulus of february '0 finehad been a real engine rever-up. if it really revved up the economy so there is a lot of money floating around the economy, a lot of growth, gdp were really soaring. is that a fair statement? has the stimulus really done what president obama expected, this would be less of what you would call a fiscal cliff or obama cliff? >> absolutely. what we have seen is the slowest economic recovery, really ever. if you compare this to the reagan recovery, there is no comparison. we have had tepid growth. we have had unemployment for 41 months. we are in a very weak position right now. to be talking about raising
10:34 pm
taxes at this point, i think is a mistake, yet, that's what the president promises to do. >> greta: nobody talks about waste. we talk about it every night. we have 14,000 believes siting there that we could off load. amtrak is paying $16 for a hamburger and selling it for $9.50. i mean, it is whole city's replete with incredible waste. all we talk about are the regulations and raising taxes, we never see how we fix what we have. >> there is no question that the government is enormously bloated. it is so big and so expensive, nobody knows what's going on. seriously. if they have that many vacant buildings, are you kidding? can you imagine a private business carrying that much inventory? >> greta: a nightmare. >> appreciate it. >> greta: coming up, only right here, new information about the republican national convention. another big name add to the list of headliners. one you have not yet heard. one who has spurred major
10:35 pm
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10:38 pm
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a fire at one of america's biggest oil refineries will mean hefty prices at the pump for those on the west coast. oil analysts say the disruption in production at the chevron facility near san francisco will push prices above $4 a gallon, the fire, which erupted on monday night, sent plumes of black smoke over a large area. people sought treatment for eye problems. president assad made his first appearance on state tv tuesday in nearly 3 weeks. he was in the company of a high-ranking iranian envoy, they
10:41 pm
vowed their nation would defeat syrian rebels and their backers. this coincides with u.s. efforts to step up an international plan to bring down sir why's government. i'm ainsley earhardt. thanks for watching fox. now back to "on the record" with greta. ics big news about the republican national convention. you are first to hear it right here, rnc's chair, reince priebus is here with that announcement. nice to see you, sir. >> hey, greta. how are you? >> greta: i'm very well. since we last spoke, last night, there has been a press release coming out that you have added to the speakers list in florida, senator santorum, rand paul and jeb bush, are there any other additions since the press release? >> well, we have also added in governor falon from oklahoma. and i am really proud tonight to announce as well, a very prominent role for governor
10:42 pm
scott walker. the governor from wisconsin, and your governor, too, for that matter, greta. >> greta: do you know -- with the addition of governor scott walker, any idea the lineup? who will be speaking when? is that still to be determined? >> we are working with the romney campaign, obviously, making sure that we are -- that we have a good flow. i think a lot of these folks are going to be spread throughout the week. but as you know, i mean, part what have making the case for the presidency of the united states that the convention can capture, when you are running as a challenger against an incumbent. we want to tell the mitt romney story. telling that story... will take, you know, will take the entire four days. telling the american people who mitt romney is, why we should all be so proud of the things he has done, really making something out of nothing, giving away his father's inheritance, being a good father, five great
10:43 pm
boys, a good husband, being very successful in so many parts of his life. and so, we need to tell that story because i think, on one hand, the question is, did barack obama fulfill the mission and meet his promises? and i think we can agree, most americans agree he didn't. the second piece of that, of course, is the alternative on the ballot. and making the case for mitt romney. that's the piece that a great convention can portray. >> greta: i suspect that's true of both conventions, behind the scenes that arranging the speakers into the hot property, the real estate is the prime time, that it's a little bit like herding cats and maybe a few elbows thrown. i am curious, i mean, is that -- are you experiencing a little bit of that because of a limited amount of real estate? are people putting out there that that person wants prime time? >> well, i mean, nobody's
10:44 pm
looking for hour-long speeches. on one hand, you know, i think we have a lot of space to work with between monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday and i think in our party -- it's just a fact, we just have a lot more people that are new to the scene, that have just star, all the new governors, the new senators, many new congressmen. we won so many seats in 2010 and created so many new stars in our party and so many new ones that are just coming out, that being able to tell the story through the eyes of republicans that have been leaked, diverse backgrounds, different views, but all focusing in on mitt romney's story, it is a challenge. but it is a challenge that i think we are in -- we are happy to be in the place where we have too many people than not enough. we are trying to make as many people happy as possible but most importantly, it is not about making people happy, it is about telling the story and
10:45 pm
using the time wisely. >> greta: the democrats have announced that former president jimmy carter is going to be part of their program. does haput on you to bush 43 and do you expect to call him? what do you think about having jimmy carter, sending a videotaped statement to the democratic convention? >> he's a good man and a former president. he deserves respect. but i do think that bringing jimmy carter on stage next to barack obama's a pretty fitting place. the time of unfortunate malaise and high interest rates and rampant unemployment and interest rates -- i mean, it was a terrible time for our economy. i think it's probably appropriate that jimmy carter has brought upon charlotte and the democratic national committee so we can highlight a similar problem we are experiencing with barack obama, a person who hasn't been able to lead this country out of a very difficult economy that he
10:46 pm
promised he would fix and he didn't. >> greta: would you like to see president bush 43 be part of your week? your convention? and has the invitation gone out? >> certainly, i don't think -- i think it's been reporting radioit's been reported that he can't for health reasons. but there hasn't been a day in barack obama's presidency than when bush 43 was president. he has to live with that record. they have just completely failed. so it's something that i don't think they can run on. i know they like to talk that way, but they have done a miserable job and they haven't improved anything. >> you have the brother. >> he's an alternative in education and a leader in this
10:47 pm
country. we are proud to have jeb, part of the convention. >> greta: any hint of when governor romney's going to make an announcement of vice-president? we are getting down to the line? >> we know it's before wednesday. >> greta: i suspect that as well. that one, i figured out myself, believe it or not. >> okay. good. we are on the same page, then. >> greta: can't give us any guidance to that. >> i really can't. i mean, the people who know that are -- two people. that's beth miers and mitt romney. so really, it is true. it is a very personal choice that mitt romney is going to make on his own. certainly probably with his wife's help. but it isn't something that we try to pick away at and call. it's very personal and something that mitt's going to come to a conclusion on very soon.
10:48 pm
>> greta: thank you very much for joining us. i hope you will come back. we are looking forward to your convention, as well as the democratic convention. thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. just momes ago, the rnc, releasing the names of more republican national convention speakers. we told but scott walker. also on the new list of speakers, florida attorney general pam bondi, ted cruz, puerto rico governor, fortuno and sam olints. sam oulence. i hope i got the names close. straight ahead, rush limbaugh is on fire, calling a-list celebrity, blooming idiots. that's next. and cities across the nation are strapped for cash. but an ambitious nine-year-old boy has found a with way to help boy has found a with way to help male spirit present.trong
10:49 pm
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>> greta: have you seen our top story, but here's the best of the rest. rush limbaugh is fired up, even more than usual. he is coming out swinking at president obama's celebrity supporters. >> this is president obama in stanford, connecticut, he had a fund-raiser at the home of movie
10:53 pm
tycoon harvey weinstine who has been buddy-bud wedemocratic presidents for as long as there have been in his lifetime. and... at the -- at the same time... i ask myself, does weinstine know what this guy plans? is a guy raising $35,000 a plate know what is in store for this country? sometimes, i go nuts asking myself -- i will sit there. i am in moments of solitude. i and i am... pondering this stuff. and i ask: do these people really know? or are they did you notzes? or they don't care, they have theirs? they figure people will scrounge up whatever it is to go to the movies, so who cares? weinstine, $35,000 a plate fund raiser, he has to know if this
10:54 pm
guy succeeds any more that this -- that the whole notion of this being a wealth-generating economy and country and days are over. these people are idiots. they are absect idiots. sarah jessica -- absolute blooming idiots. they are applauding their own demeas. they are applauding the guy who is going to end it for them. but they don't think so -- don't understand it -- see, what i can't intellectually could something, i get frustrated. when something doesn't make common sense it me, that's when i get frustrated. >> greta: a nine-year-old detroit boy finding a creative way to help his cash-strapped city. joshua smith set up a lemonade stand to raise money. today, he presented a check to the city of detroit for $2,832. now, detroit's mayor tried to
10:55 pm
convince ?oight save the money for college, but the nine-year-old insisted he raised the money for his city and he hope its will help with the upkeep of parks and playgrounds. there you have it. coming up, your last call. last night, we showed you secretary of state hillary clinton, dancing in africa. but she was only getting warmed up. now she is really hitting the dance floor. you will ♪ ♪ i want to go ♪ i want to win [ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow ♪ i want to try ♪ i can almost touch the sky [ male announcer ] even the planet has an olympic dream. dow is proud to support that dream by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions from the olympic village to the stadium. solutionism. the new optimism.™ ♪ this dream ♪ three, six, nine ♪ the goose dra wine ♪ the monkey chew tobacco on the streetcar line ♪
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